There is a website advertising Timberland boots at a low price. They will accept your order and payment but do not send the merchandise. They don’t give a customer service phone number. The only way to contact them is by email or message on the website. They refuse to refund your money. When I emailed them about my order because I had not received a tracking number I was told that my payment had been received and that I would get a tracking number when my order was shipped. But their website advertises that they have 1 week shipping worldwide so I emailed back and asked about this because it had been 7 days thus far and had not received confirmation that it had been shipped yet and then was asked which boots did I really want and was asked to send a picture of them and then was informed that they didn’t have that style and was sent a picture of a different pair of boots that were in stock and was asked to accept those instead of the ones I wanted. I replied and told them no and that I wanted a refund of my money and they have not refunded my money nor have they even responded to my email. I have asked for a phone number in every email and have not been given one. I received a confirmation email when I made the transaction. That email was sent from [email protected] and had 3 customer service phone numbers but I never get an answer from any of them. Those are the numbers I provided below. On my debit card the transaction shows East High Co. LTD. Location is Beijing, China