We are looking for new carpet for the bedroom and found East Windsor Floor Covering. I spoke with Erica on the phone and she was very nice. After she emailed me a quote for 52 a yard installed for this carpet we went into the store to give them a deposit. We met with Erica and John Block the owner. John looked at the quote and said we cant sell this carpet for this price and the price has to go up to 60 a yard. This is after they emailed us a written quote ! Can you imagine doing business like this ? We left very unhappy and the next day Erica called and said she spoke with the other owner and there were price increases and they cant do it for the price quoted. They totally scammed us and expected us to just pay the higher price. nCalled around a few days later and found it for 50 a yard at more than one dealer. nStay clear of these people !

405 US Highway 130 East Windsor, NJ 08520 East Windsor, New Jersey United States of America



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