Complaint: My son bought a Honda at this wonderful place… the owner made my son take out an extended warranty on the car for $1,000 since he was loaning him the money directly from him since he doesn’t have enough credit established. Well, let me tell you! As soon as we signed the contract we drove out the drive way only to get about 3 miles away when we souded like we were to take off like a plane. Of course I thought the muffler went..but it was a pipe that went…. he was so nice he replaced it. Only to have the muffler fall off on the Thruway a week later! Every time it went into the shop it came out worst! The oil was going somewhere after a month. He had he nerve to tell my son when he puts miles on it that’s what happens. He took the car in the shop for over 3 weeks. His excuse was he didn’t have the proper tool. The car comes back eating oil….now we think the engine is gone…and the train…The warranty he wrote isn’t even any good. He also forgot to register the car for us and let us know about a month later. If anyone else has had a problem with this guy please E-Mail me…..thanks!

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: Lockport Rd Niagara Falls, New York U.S.A.