Complaint: Eastlake Ohio Police Department refuse to investigate a terrorist cell located in the city of eastlake. Anybody who has the gut’s to complain about them get’s promptly pink slipped even if there is no sign of mental health issues. Standard operating procedure.This cell is made up of Neo-n**i Satanists who are also involved in Freemasonary. They are legitimized by the Fraternal Order of Police. They are very good at staying in the shadows.This cell is set up to terrorize as many people as possible who can potentially expose them as well as to perform life destruction behavior to anyone who is in direct competition with one of their business’s. Their goal is satanic control over the entire citys economy and to forward satanism backed orgs and business’s throughout the cities of Eastlake,Willoughby and all the way tgo Akron/Canton. The actions that are performed against their enemies are very hidden but non the less evil as it gets. They are as follows:1. Gang Stalking which is a 24/7 harassment campaign and overt watching of a individual who shows potential of harmming the satanic/freemason/FOP agenda of dominince.2. Poisioning of the individual who does not comply to their agenda3.Sabotage and Home invasions of those who protest Satanism/Freemasonary/The Fraternal order of Police which is a satanic orginization.4.Theft and RacketerringThe eastlake ohio police department have been warned numerous times about the actions of these groups and have chose to persecute anyone who speaks out about this cruel/sick and evil orginization that has its base set up right in the heart of eastlake ohio. Be warned residents of Eastlake there is evil amongst you. Nobody is looking out for youfr safety.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 500 Flags Blvd Eastlake, Ohio United States of America