Searching for a forklift for sale on Craigs list Portland, Oregon. Came across a nice listing for one for $4500.00 so I replied to see if it was still available. I left my contact email and phone number so I could be reached. About 48 hours later I recieve a response requesting me to please send my email address back to them so they could send me pictures? I thought that was funny because already did and I did not ask for pictures. Anyway I did immediately. Six hours later I recieve another email from them telling me some story they had to leave town to care for their sister who had just had a baby etc. and I would need to register with Easyconsignment to send money in order to buy this forklift. It would then be shipped within 5 days. After considering it was a scam, I replied again and said OK, but I would pick it up instead. Then I recieve a email from the Actual person, “Ashely Cole 88 stating that I had to go thru this easyconsignmnet company because the forklift was in Las Vagas

NV. Playing along with person I went ahead and registered with easyconsignmnet which did not require any personal information other than my email and the sellers email. They would get back to me in 24 hours with a transaction #

and this would be when they want the financial info. Then I started doing research on this and found scam reports related to easyconsignment and so I thought to try to contact the phone number listed on their website to verify some questions. And sure enough… it just rang and rang with no answer. Now suddenly with the hour I registered with them they have sent the Transaction # code and are requesting payment information. WOW thats a fast 24 hours. I emailed the seller again reporting my findings and I am now recieveing nasty emails etc. What the Heck


miami, Florida USA