I booked a motel in New Zealand from australia and recieved confirmation on the 17th jan 2014 for a booking on the 29th march from easytobook.com Paid by visa for AUD106. At the bottom of the page it stated Free cancellation. During march2014 while on our holiday we had to change the booking. I phoned the motel to change the booking and the manager there said it had to go through expedia.com and gave us the number. I tried the easytobook website first and found no provision for alteration orcancellation.The expedia people denied any knowledge of my booking or any connection with easytobook.com.The motel manager finally talked to expedia and instructed me to ring the o8oo number previously quoted. Again they denied any connection of my booking with easytobook. I then threatened to publish my difficulties on facebook and at that stage I got some cooperation and the booking was changed with an added fee.THey also gave me a 1800 number if I needed to have any further contact. I later found an email from Travelscape.com on my laptop at home confirming my alteration Later we decided to cancel the reservation completly, several days before the altered date. I tried the number they gave me and the call could not be connected WE tried several ways to get to them to cancel but none suceeded, including computer savvy people we were staying with, and local infromation centers. We are now back in Australia past the altered booking date and are still not able to get any satisfaction. I will be telling my troubles to a tv program here called “choice”” and might try facebook. The lesson is to directly phone the motel to book a room and bypass these hanger on so called facilitators of bookings. There must be multiple obscure connections between these “”faciltators who take a bite of the cherry on the way to a booking. I apologise for such a complicated chain of events although to get the sense of interconnections I could not see a way of cutting anything out.”

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