My ebay gift cards were frozen by ebay, then unfrozen , lost


My Complaint: I wanted to purchase a Polaris Ranger from a Evylen on craigs list in Irving , Texas , this person instructed me to purchase $ 3,200. in ebay gift cards to purchase this item and i had allways heard that ebay was really safe to use ,suspected it was a scam when Evylen wanted more money for insurance , I had allready read all the serial numbers to the scammer but he/she had not collected on all of the cards so I spoke to ebay personel in the philipines , it was a woman who I explained my situation to, so she froze the remaining cards with a balance, then I asked what i should do next , she said go back to the store where I purchased the gift cards and get a refund , so I went back to the store and the store manager said no you have to take it up with ebay. i have allready reported this to the FBI. but i hav’nt heard from them. I called ebay in the phillipines about 3 times , I ask to talk to a supervisor but they would allways refuse . I have saved all my gift cards and Reciepts, I may have one or two cards with some balance in them . Please advise on my next step.


My Demand: REFUND