Ebony Magazine / Ebony Media Operations
Im pastor, Antonio Brinson I”m army veteran who is disable in wheelchair I was in terrible car accident hit by dwi driver I”m a freelance model and actor im strong, determine, ambitious and have vision I”m representing all disable people to let them know that you can do anything if you can believe then you will receive. Here”s my phone number:[protected] /HERE”S my email address:[protected]@gmail.com/I have model for rainbow fashion week and men”s collection fashion show.Along time ago i written a letter to ebony magazine and stated that i notice that you don”t have model in wheelchair in your magazine and fashion shows and that i would like to be the first. I notice there”s lady name (justine Clarke)who became the the first lady in the wheelchair to model and she may history and that should have been me. If you would be so kind to search for that letter and return it back

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