My parent’s will not renew thier contract with ECM?. My parents toilet was over flowing in the bathroom. We stopped the water from overflowing. Instead of the plumber shutting off the water valve located under the toilet and fixing their toilet, the plumber went to the water heater to shut all of the water in the condo and broke the valve. He did fix the toilet, but broke the value on the water heater in the mean time. and said it was $240.00 TO FIX. When I called to complain all they did is transfer customer relations before Pat let me finish telling her what had happened she said they are not responsible their is noone else to talk too. The manager Ray is not taking calls and I could only speak to her… Pat in customer relations also told me I was not there, “when I was the one who let the plumber in the condo”” and proceeded to said

she was not talking to a child. Well Pat

my parent are seniors and I am not a child.”

1500 High Ridge Rd BOYTON BEACH, Florida United States of America