I booked this trip with an online agency, I won’t mention their name because I like to company and they normally take care of my request. When I got to the counter the reps seemed nice and I asked how much they will charge. They said $502 for the rental (that was our agreed price with the booking agency) & 700 deposit for renting the car… few days later I looked at my bank statements and the charged me 500 for the rental 700 for depost and an additional unauthorized 800 for insurance. I called hoping this was a mistake and on the phone the told me this was a mandatory fee that is explained on their website. I was shocked how this “mandatory fee”” was not once mentioned during the renting process. All documents we in a different language so there is no way I could read the fine print. They pretty much told me that’s how it was and that they are 100% sure that that is the amount they are going to charge me.”

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