Retailers, beware: ECRS Catapult is a faulty product with terrible customer service. This POS system is exrtemely unreliable and has continual outages during credit and cash transactions. ECR has cost my family’s natural foods business in Brooklyn tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales due to their software and hardware outages. ECRS customer service is slow, unresponsive, and they require customers to be on the phone with them for hours (sometimes days) before they reluctantly send replacements for their faulty hardware, even though it’s under warranty. A recent prolonged interaction with Director of Tech Support Jesse Dyer was unpleasant, unhelpful, and he was extremely reluctant to troubleshoot the problem. To add insult to injury, ECRS Catapult tries to sell you their overpriced, ineffective products without offering the basic free upgrades dictated in our contract. Our sales rep Jessie Kaur recently forced us buy a new server $2,000, which still failed to solve the continual shut-downs on our registers during customer transactions. She never told us we only needed a (free) upgrade in software., along with 3 new hard drives due to the faulty software on their hard drives. Which meant 75% of our POS were inoperable. Jessie was extremely rude, raising her voice and telling me “this isn’t my job.” This situation has taken over several months to address,and we continue to lose good customers due to this horrible product. ECRS Catapult has no respect for their customers and the businesses we are trying to run. The fact that they offer no tech support over weekends to retailers (when we do the majority of our business) is unfathomable. CEO Pete Catoe should rethink the incompetent business he is running. .

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