Complaint: I went to edies with a freind and ordered dinner only, we payed seperate checks. I had a buger and fries and 1 ice tea, i payed a cash tip of 40 percent of my check and payed the food with my credit card. When i left i got a text allert from my credit card company i was charged more than what was on my original receipt. I contacted the owner of eddies, he told me to come back and bring my receipt to show him, so i did and i braught my freind with me. When we got there he offered no apologies and saw that i was right, he told me to contact my credit card company and put in a dispute and they would fix it. I decided to call the police and have a report made because the owner told me was none of my buisness but yet he is okay with customers being over charged. When the police came they agreed i was correct after looking at my receipt and looking at my card statement. The owner retaliated and had me tresspased from the property as retaltory. Few months later the same card was illegally used in a different state that i have never been. My card was maxed out on 1 large single purchase and i was told by my card company that my card was cloned and used illegally. The last and only place i used me card at was edies bar and grill. My credit card company had info to show edies had manually entered my card number to pay for my burger and fries. I made only few purchases when i first got the card but the chip readers were used. Edies is the only place that had my credit card info because of a manual charge. I am still in a despute over the fraudulent transaction to have the credit replaced that was stolen. I have suffered medically because i have no credit to pay for my medical co payments for the next 90 days while it is being investigated by the police and my card company.

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Address: 1283 bayshore blvd Dunedin, Florida United States


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