Avoid using Edreams at all costs. they sold me a ticket that was listed as if it had 1 stop only and up to the confirmation page it was presented as if there is only one stop. Then after I paid they sent me a confirmation thta showed as if I have to do 3 flights with another very long stop they never mentioned before. I tried to do everything to get a refund as I thought the error was simply a mistake and I had to call them in Barcelona. I had to wait very long periods of time everytime and they never agreed to help or approve a refund even when I proved to them with print screens of the transaction (which I kept at every step) and with showing them how they stil advertised the same flight that they are hiding the fact there is a stop and a 7 hour wait in another airport that is never mentioned until after you pay. When I said that if I have to get off the plane and wait 7 hours in the airport and board another plane through another gate then thats a stop that must be mentioned… they said its not considered a stop if you are boarding a flight with the same aitline. They allways referred me to send them emails and when I did i would get answers 2 or 3 days later with a no-reply address. I read online and there are many rip off stories of shady practices by this company. Also I tried to put a cancelation via my creditcard company but they said there is no way they can stop it because I was getting the service i purchased just not the exact service I requested. I will never use this company its a nightmare to get to their service people and its simply a dishonest ripoff operation. And they also added some charge on top of the ticket price which I noticed later when I got my creditcard bill.

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