Complaint: I started interrogating with these people last year December. I had to pay $100 before they would attend to me. Few weeks after i paid they told me that I had to pay $450 because they had secured a university for me in Canada. I paid that one too. After all this they told me I have been refused a visa before so I have to appeal before I can get a study visa there. (Actually before I started this whole process with them I pointed it out to them and was told it won’t be an issue).So I had to pay another $500 which I did in a hurry (Stupid me). Throughout this period I had absolute confidence in them. They told me the court case will take 2 to 3 months. After I paid the $500 for the court case I have not heard from them again. I still believed in them thinking they have no update to give me since the case is still in progress .It has been 5 good months now! They have never emailed me or even whatsapped me. Their Whatsapp number is disabled now. The numbers I was calling them on are all not active. I have sent them countless emails and they won’t even reply. This is just unbelievable. I trusted them cos they sounded so convincing. The Ghanaian helping them out with this whole crime is one James Awuni. Uses James Rheinhold alongside. They just wasted my money and time. This is just terrrible. How can people be so greedy and heartless. I never imagined this happening. God should judge all the people behind this scam

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