Complaint: DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SINEMIA. Read the rerviews FIRST. This is a SCAM company. They offer you a yearly subscription to be able to see movies, unlimited at 1 per day. After on seeing a 2 or 3 I attempted to use my app and card and it did not work. I wrote to them. There is no number to call. I got a reply saying I had not checked in for a movie I had seen. I DID NOT DO THAT. I explained I had not done so. They said in that first email that if it was a first violation I would likely only receive a warning. I GOT NO REPLY AT ALL. To be clear I did not fail to check in. I wanted the service and followed the rules. Nevertheless subsequent emails to them have gone unanswered awt all. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. MY GOAL IS TO REACH AS MANY AS POSSIBLE TO PREVENT THEM FROM SCAMMING ANYONE ELSE.

Tags: Internet Sales, Online Business, Ripoff- Internet, Services, Suspected Fraud

Address: unknown Turkey, Istanbul United States