If you are now or have been a victim of Austin Stone Tree Surgeons as I have been, he is now in jail, as of 11/03/12. He is in the Putnam County Jail, Palatka, Florida. The case number is R-7912 and the Detective in charge of the case is Jared Guy. He is in on a $10,000 bond needed. I filed my Ripoff Scams as an added comment to the report from Clay County, where the victim said that Stone had taken his Stihl 660 chain saw. This was in 2008, so this is something he has been doing for some time. I know he has been hard to find, so I hope this will help and maybe add to the charges. He needs to be off the street for a while. Skipjack

3003 Twigg Street Palatka, Florida United States of America

386 325 5077