I ordered a FREE sample of Avilmil, paid S&H charges of 9.99. I then e-mailed and called to say I didn’t want anymore. Today I GOT more and a charge of 79.99 to my debit card. I called to explain this to the eight squared company, the guy on the other end said it was just too bad and I was stuck with it. He would not give me a fax address to send my confirmation letter of cancellation and hung up on me, when I have tried to contact anyone else I just get the run around, a money back guarantee I DON’T THINK SO.. nI had to cancel my atm debit card to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I am afraid this is another case of making money and running. I am so pissed off. But I am not going to stop trying, this is crap and Berkeley Nutraceuticals, Inc. needs to know what is going on. OH, just for the record I cancelled within the first week of receiving the shipment. BEFORE THE NEXT ONE!!!! AS REQUIRED BY THE CONTINUITY PROGRAM nAnnenexcelsior springs, MissouriU.S.A.

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