This has happened twice to me now. I buy a case of wine from Yaeger’s Wine Store in Rochester, NY and send in the rebate and everything they ask for, including the upc label. 2 months later I received a postcard stating that I would not recieve the rebate because something was missing, like the upc label. But I know I have sent in everthing they have asked for so I call the phone # on the post card and they put me on hold for a few moments, then say they will process it because all the information is there. nI think they are trying to rip off consumers by telling them they did not send in all the correct info, by then the consumer has forgotten how much the rebate was worth and has thrown out the box, and the Winery and perhaps the Liqour Stort share in the profits. These rebates are worth $30.00-50.00. This is alot of money. nAnonymousnRochester, New YorkU.S.A.

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