Several months ago we used a portion of points from another timeshare company to obtain accommodations at El Cid in Mazatlan. This was a complete mistake because there has been nothing but a series of misrepresentations, deceit, and headaches since! nUpon arriving at El Cid we were required to attend their “common sales presentation”” during which El Cid representatives shoved the possible purchase of points from El Cid down our throats. After listening to the sales presentation

we decided that we would be interested in purchasing 200

000 points to add to our 308

000 existing points from the other company so that we could achieve “”Gold Status”” with the other company and receive additional rewards. Our whole line of thinking was discussed with the El Cid salesperson at length. Our intention was made uniquely clear that the only reason for our purchase of the points was to add to our existing points and for no other reason. The sales manager

who we have since been told was let go