I first came across their website about two weeks ago offering very good prices on bulk buys of games consoles, mobile phones etc. The prices did look a bit too good to be true so i started searching on google for any known scams by these people but i couldn’t find any. nSo i contacted the sales e-mail address asking a few questions and they replied very quickly and professionally. One thing i was a bit concerned about was the fact that you needed to pay for the first order by e-gold. nAnyway a week later i did one final search before placing an order for 10 XBOX 360 consoles for 1500 (cheapest item available) I paid through e-gold and received lots of e-mails explaining when my order would arrive with me. nYesterday i came across the www.thewholesaleforums.co.uk website where there was some pretty grim reading on my friends at electronic resellers. nTheir website has now been shut down and i’m left high and dry. nIs there any way I can recover this money I paid out?? nOlivernReadingUnited Kingdom

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