I received an e-mail stating that my application had been reviewed and requesting that I schedule an online interview with the hiring manager. This was to be through Google Hangouts. As I have done several virtual interviews through different platforms, I wasn’t skeptical until I started the interview and realized that it was through chat rather than video as is typical. During the interview, I received the impression that the other person was copying and pasting information. The job was work at home clerical work until the closest office was finished – when I asked for the location of the office, I was told that it would be here in the town I live in. He asked for my bank name (just the name), my contact information, and then causally asked about age/hobby/current income. Then he asked that I wait online until he heard back from his boss about whether or not I was a good fit for the position. After being offered job, I started asking some specific questions. The town is very small so I was surprised and wary since I hadn’t heard of that company putting in an office. I asked for a physical address for the new office and he dropped off the conversation suddenly – as if it was a technology error.