I got a call from Elending Financial representative Jessia Hill after I applied to a few loan companies online. She was professional and nice. Everything seemed ok, I was apparently approved for a $10.000 personal loan. Signed the contract and sent my information like picture ID and so on with the signed contract. There was supposed to be a paymnet of $850 for loan insurance and suposedly it would be refunded to me if I don’t miss any paymnets in the first 6 months. Today after sending the signed contract and documents, Jessica Hill told me to do an Interac transfer to an email [email protected] This is where I started getting suspicious so I called my bank and they verified to me that no legitimate loan company will ever ask for an advance paymnet especially not to an email address as weird as the one mentioned here – I mean…it’s common sense. Luckily I became suspicious early enough to not lose any money, but for some people this is not the case. Please be careful and always check if the company is legitimate or contact your bank for them to help you determine if it’s a scam or not.