This was my first purchase of a carport. On or about June 16th, 2014; I called and placed an order with Elephant Structures for the procurement and installation of a 20’x46′ carport with the expressed purpose of using it over a fifth wheel camper on location. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Jamie, who went through the varous upselling techniques to add additional features and upgrades to my camper, but never mentioned that there was an extra charge to install a carport over an existing structure, only that the installation price was included in my charge. I paid a deposit of roughly 15% of the total cost of the structure + “free installation.” On or about July 1st, I called back to see if my carport was ready to be installed and was told that while they did have the parts and materials, they were not ready to install, and would not be working the week of July 4th. They specified I would be receiving a call at some point in the future to schedule the installation. I was again not appraised of the fact that I would be charged for an installation fee in addition to the fees I had already agreed to pay. On July 29th, I received a call from Carolina Carports, apparently the installers for Elephant Structures in my area, arranging for a delivery date and time about a week and a half from the date of the call(August 8th) to affect delivery and installation. I agreed to the date and time, and the last thing the lady said to me before ending the call was to ask if they would be installing over anything on the location. I specified that my camper would be there. At that point, I was appraised it was an additional $200 to affect the installation. I called back to Carolina Carports to confirm that this was a normal practice and to speak with someone about this additional fee, that I had not been made aware of. I was told there was no one to really speak to, as they were the installers, and it was common for them to charge this additional fee, and that I should have been made aware of it by Elephant Structures. I again informed them that I wasn’t, but it was taken as if it did not matter; the instructions stood to contact Elephant Structures. I called Elephant Structures and spoke with a newer Customer Service person, who told me that it was only his second day on the job, but after looking up my information and seeing who my sales person was, by the name of Jamie, he had a hard time believing that Jamie (who he apparently knew [and was said to be “a**ininesic”]) did not tell me about the additional $200 fee to install over something. I was then transfered to a woman by the name of Heather Greene (the spelling I was given), who specified that I had been sent an email stating that there was an additional charge (I was not, and I stated as such), and that she would not waive the fee, and that she had canceled my order, but while she would be providing me a refund, it would not be in the full amount of my deposit. She would not specify what amount was going to be refunded, and when I asked to speak with her supervisor, insisted that she was the highest ranked individual in the company Elephant Structures, and that she was the owner. She also specified that she had recordings of this call, and all of my other calls to the organization to prove I had been notified of this additional charge.

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