Complaint: This is for all my Chicago real estate agents out there. I recently was the buyer’s representative on a real estate transaction with Elias Villanueva from Re/Max Premier Properties in Chicago. I had to work hard to get this deal done when my client wanted to cancel. The listing sheet stated a 2.5%-$295 co-op commission for $12,500.00 deal. Most of the time when that is the case there is just a flat fee commission of $1,000 since the purchase price is so low. My focus was on getting the deal closed for my client. I called Elias and asked him about the commission. He told me that the seller would not pay anymore. This led me to believe that the entire commission was 5% and he and I were splitting the commission, as usual and customary. When I got the closing statement it said, $3,500 to the listing agent Elias Villanueva, $17.50 to me. Really, $17.50 and he is taking $3,500, where’s the love?? I called Elias and he told me, “Too bad””. This is a deal that I had to convince my client to not back out. It is customary to split the commission 50/50

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Address: especially on listings posted on the MLS. It would be different if the seller was only paying a certain amount and Elias and I had to split it

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Phone: whatever it was. Really bad way to do business in such a small world. My only recourse is to put this out there to the social media world. So