My Complaint: This “Elijah Shakur Ali” scammer contacted me today on Hily dating site. After a brief online chat we exchanged numbers.

He immediately began to state that he is looking for a wife. He inquired about my personal finances, and offered to pay my bills. He wanted to know if I have a car note, student loans, a mortgage, and told me that he wants for nothing and would help me. He claimed that he was ready to retire from Def Jams Records . He stated that his wife was killed in 2001 in a car accident coming to Philadelphia to see me perform started calling different places to pay off my bills. He sent a picture of is identification card, him being in the hospital, pictures of the 17.5 Million dollar lawsuit and a picture of the property he just purchased. He ask me to send him money for a bus ticket and that’s when i knew something was wrong. Then i told him to give me 10 minutes and I will call you back. I Googled his name and discovered that he is listed here on Scamguard, with numerous complaints. I tried calling all the companies to cancel the transactions. I told him and saw all the lies he was telling people.


My Demand: Just to keep women aware of this person