Hired company to move household 2 miles on a Friday. They knew I was closing on the sale of the old house the following Monday. Prior to the day of the move they came to see everything to be moved and gave me a $700 price estimate to acknowledge. I agreed to the price. | One man arrived to begin packing dinnerware and other fragile items. The crew did not show until 2PM. After an hour into the move the owner, Jesse informed me that he would not move all my things for the price he quoted. He gave me the choice; either pay an additional $400 or he would empty the truck and I could find another mover. A classic between A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. I had no real choice as I had to be out by the next day. | Instead of completeing the move Jesse had the men leave to return the next day to complete. They rushed, damaged furniture, and the last straw on the way out was all the clothing from 3 closets were thrown into cartons rather than hung in wardrobes. At the new house they were told to get done asap. They rushed and most cartons were left stacked 2 to 3 high in the garage. | Within 2 days after the move we found several cartons were missing including, collectible glassware, kitchen ware and 2 cases of wine and liquor. | This company worked for a large, multi-outlet, consignment store located in the greatrer West Palm area. I thought that was a great reference, my mistake. | If you think of hiring them to work for you BEWARE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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