Our group had been in regular communication with Elite Kilimanjaro until recently when we had enquired about whether they ran the climbs themselves or outsourced. A couple weeks passed by with no response, so we ended up booking with Kilimanjaro Climbing Co. Nevertheless I noticed some very strange things with Elite Kilimanjaro since then and I have to caution others against doing business with them. The representative we had communicated with was named Marcus. According to his own Google+ account, Marcus Wirsig lives and works in Dubai for Cerner Middle East, a health care company! This is despite Elite Kilimanjaro’s representation that they are a USA company based in Kansas. Why an American company has an Arab working in health care fielding questions about Kilimanjaro I have no clue. Other people on Tripadvisor.com had figured out disturbing things about this company that suggest it is a fake company. www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293750-i11370-k6793573-Elite_Kilimanjaro-Kilimanjaro_National_Park_Kilimanjaro_Region.html ———————– “Mike M”” has three posts during his entire tenure on tripadvisor. All three posts talk about Elite Kilimanjaro. He joined and posted on the same day

talking about his “”colleague”” and his “”climb””. A bit enthusiastic

I would say! FAKE profile. “”Mike M”” says

“”I could not find reviews on trip advisor either

but I booked a group climb with them based on a recommendation from a colleague who used them last year.”” I look at Elite Kilimanjaro’s facebook page and they started posting links to their plagiarized website beginning in May 2013. Web archives confirm that the domain elitekilimanjaro.com was first captured in May 2013. So it was a completely BLANK website prior to this