Complaint: Elite Marketing failed to provide me with a paycheck for a period of six weeks. I’m still waiting at the time of this writing. The office in Walker Michigan offered no help, and no logical explanation. They did offer me bullying and intimidation, and shock that I quit on short notice after my long period without pay. My ills must be paid. They were aware of the issue after I failed to receive the first of three missing checks. They blamed the problem on an address change, in spite of the fact that I used to receive checks at that address, but then did not. I signed no paperwork to change my address. It was my fault for not responding to an email I never received. I asked them to provide me with the original copy, but they declined.I Googled the company to find the number for the head office, which I was told was in Seattle. Then I discovered the similar story from an employee, along with sever other stories suggesting unscrupulous business practices. A once fairly local grocery store contracts them to direct market products in their store. I have shopped all my life at this store, and always found it to be a high quality establishment. I felt that Elite Marketing was not worthy of that contract.Did more digging, and the parent company, Daymon Worldwide owns grocery distributorships, and the man in charge of the contract from the grocery store was also an employee of Daymon Worldwide.I guess it’s the department of labor next.

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Address: 2716 Courier Dr NW, walker, Michigan United States of America