Tried to sell me a BMW with defective engine


My Complaint: This is the worst dealership I have ever been too. The owner Adrian tried to sell me a BMW with a bad engine. I took it to BMW in Norcross & the mechanics exact words were.. The engine is so badly damaged its not worth fixing. They gave me an estimate for more than $12 000. I gave him back the car & now he is hiding from me because he doesn’t want to give me back my $1000 deposit. I have a notarized letter from him agreeing to return my deposit. He even sold the defective car to an unsuspecting customer & didn’t repair a single thing. He is not a proper car dealership. He is a 2 bit hustler who will sell you a car that is badly damaged & smile in your face. I have all the paperwork & have notified the police about this dealership. I have also notified the Attorney General & Better Business Bureau. The police are also going to notify whoever he sold the BMW to. Adrian is a cheat!! DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS JOKER!!!!!!!!


My Demand: Pay me back my $1000 deposit