My 74 yr old Mother and 92 yr old Uncle were contacted by this group offering assistance with exiting their time share commitments. They were subjected to high pressure sales tactics using completely false information to pursuade them to commit to a $4950 fee in order for this organization to assist them with getting out from their time share commitments. Luckily my Mother contacted me before she left and I was able to speak to the sales manager. His name is Nick Chappell. Once I started pressing him on details he became much less friendly. His sales pitch is that the Dodd – Frank act allowed a stipulation to protect time share owners and give them the opportunity to get out of the commitment. He also said that since Trump was going to do away with Dodd – Frank we had to “act now”” to ensure it is filed in time. He told me during his canned speach that there were two Federal attorneys assisting his organization with this process. Later on I told him I would like the contact information of those attorneys. He paused and said he didn’t have it but could provide it to my Mother the next day. I challenged him on that telling him if they are helping you and you are telling these people that

how do you not know who they are. He stated he could probably get it for me but it might take a little time. I told him I would be happy to wait…he said nothing else and handed the phone back to my mother. He later gave her a hand written note on Elite Rewards Group staionary with two names. No phone number

no email

no location…just two names. This morning I began researching and confirmed my suspision that this is a complete scam. I called the Orange Lake property that my mother had her time share through and they told me they could send paperwork that would relinquish her of all responsibility and return the deed for her timeshare to them at no charge. They also confirmed that this is a scam going around and that we needed to get her out of whatever she had committed to. Nick and his associate

Shay Hacker got my mothers information and signed her up for a Capital One credit card and told her they would charge the $4950 to that card and she would only be paying $50/month with no interest for the life of the loan. The direction she was given was when the card showed up to call them and they would charge the card the full amount. Mom called Capital One and they confirmed that an account had been opened in her name and a card was on the way. There had been no charges on the account at that point. Mom asked them to cancel the account and they assured her nothing could be charged and to cut up the card when it arrives. These people need to be stopped! They are preying on the elderly and taking their money. My mom told me she was probably the youngest person in the room…she is 74!! This is an obvious fly by night operation that checked out of the hotel they were operating in this morning. This happened in Hot Springs