I was contacted through e-mail by an Amber Hilend who said that she had gotten my information off indeed.com and was interested in offering me a job. I assumed it was legit. She forwarded me a suspect application form and a "Job Description". A couple days after I returned the "application" she contact me again and said they had tried to call and that my number was not correct. I realized I had made an error on the application and sent her the correct information. In the back of my head I couldn’t figure out why a job that was offering over $30.00 an hour was phoning me off the fly for an interview that was not previously scheduled. When she called the connection was horrible. She did not sound like she knew what she was doing and repeated job description with a very thick accent and broken English. I told her I would return her call to see if I could get a better connection. I called the number listed in her e-mail. The recording promptly informed me that the number was "unsigned". I e-mailed her and told her the number listed in her e-mail was invalid. It took a few hours but she finally got back to me and said that (and I quote) "You can not call us because we have a large flow of candidates, our line is constantly overloaded, because our line is connected with customer service." I decided I didn’t want to work for a company that was so disorganized and had decided I didn’t like how things were not adding up. I decided not to contact them again. Low and behold two hours later, having completed no interview, I was forwarded a job offer and asked to provide personal documents. That is about the time that it hit that there were looking for PERSONAL INFORMATION. I went back into my e-mail and realized that these e-mails did NOT come through indeed like the rest and that I was being scammed. What can I say? I am blond 🙂