This place is a chalet – full of undeniable psychopaths. No exaggerations. They lack education, they lack integrity; more importantly, they think that if their name is Elizabeth Gallo “Court Reporting” office, then they are “part of the jurisdiction”… (LOL). A bunch of lunatics, suffering mania of grandeur. The stenographer Michelle Layton (from Roswell, GA) is a paranoid schizophrenic, with a bachelor”s degree in psychology (as she falsely claims) which makes her think that she can even side with either disputing party and “put psychiatric diagnosis” on them. Michelle Layton is so SICK and unprofessional, that she can even harass the involved parties via Facebook or Linkedin messages (when the court case is still ongoing), insult them, advise them “to plea for psychiatric care,” “offer them to take cooking classes to alleviate their stress” etc. In addition, Michelle Layton (from Roswell, GA) lacks cognitive skills for the stenography job as she “rounds,” “reverses,” or “projects” answers, instead of typing ad verbatim. She cooperates with the attorneys (like the criminal Mark Campbell from Dacula, GA, another evident psychopath who represents the Armenian thief and prostitute of Watertown, MA, Marine Noble) to manipulate with court reports in favor of his clients. This is a FELONY. If this site deletes my review again, I will place it in other sides. This horror-office must know its place, its duties, and limits. They have no rights to interfere with court cases or to side with a party.

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