My now EX husband and I were married in May 2011, he started working at Sprint with Liz as the assistant manager. We all used to hang out; she had a boyfriend named John. And of course I was married to my ex. My ex would come home and say how big of a whore she was and a drunk. Say he could never deal with a woman like that. || My ex was abusive towards me, this went on for over a year. In July of last year he walked out. Within two weeks was already sleeping with multiple women, Liz included. I saw them out and started getting messages from his phone saying how great her pussy tasted. Then I started getting messages a few weeks later from her saying he was no longer my husband. Ha well legally we were still married. In September he wanted to work things out. Said he missed me and wanted to make it work. Apparently she went back to her boyfriend for the 2nd time and he was lonely… we tried for about a month. One night I got a text with a pic of him and her out. . I went to go get my stuff from him, he attacked me! Ripped out a chunk of hair gave me two black eyes and bruises everywhere. Keep in mind, one day before this I saw her out and apologized to her!!! Ha! || In Nov-Dec we tried to work it out again…bad move on my part. But he was my husband. Dec I gave him money for his rent…and then three days later he ended it with me because he didn’t trust me. She was living w her boyfriend at this time. Me and my ex were divorced in Feb, she was still living w her boyfriend until a week before she married my ex which was 2 days after our divorce was final. Now the best part is she contacted me a few weeks back, I didn’t answer till just recently…the beach he took her to a few weeks back was the beach he took me on our first date, our first kiss and where we had our engagement pics… haha he is telling her all the same bs he told me. Haha. Once a cheater always a cheat. They cheat with they will cheat on. All they do is drink till they pass out…I really should send her a thank you card!! But she is still a nasty skank hoe!