Complaint: From my country Honduras I write this complaint to warn people.Do not buy spare parts or car parts from Elmer Santos Montoya in Lakewood New Jersey United States. This man posts ads on the internet selling spare parts of cars and car radios that are supposedly new. He promises to send them here to Honduras once he has been paid money with bank draft, but the spare parts never arrive. He provides search numbers for shipments that do not exist, blames the shipping companies and Honducor which are completely oblivious to the crimes that this man commits. It’s lies. What Elmer does is keep the money, send nothing and then do not answer the calls or emails anymore. This man is from honduras and he is located in the city of Lakewood in the state of New Jersey in United States because that’s where the money is sent to him. He is a swindler and he is not a business. I apologize for my english level. I am translating with online tool. Thank you very much.

Tags: Craigslist Scammer, Scammers

Address: Lakewood, New Jersey United States


Phone: 7323006688