I want to start off that this person works with women and children, which doesn’t make sense because my daughter and I became homeless after she slept with my husband. My husband worked at a Whole Foods in Evanston with her, and I guess they started talking and she tried to be his therapist. I worked two jobs to support my family and I was gone most of the day trying to make extra money to try to help with bills. So they decided to have an affair in my apartment, in my daughter’s sanctuary, where she found peace and play. She would come over when I wasn’t there and would start having sexual intercourse while my daughter and I were away. || This trash of a woman got involved in my relationship without ever thinking that she was damaging a four year old and a six year old (stepdaughter). I texted her once and pretended it was him, and I confronted her and unfortunately she is the type that will call the police and not face her demons. So I did not have satisfaction of beating her. But I did have the satisfaction of beating his ass for doing this to me and damaging our family. || Don’t let this whore near your husband, boyfriend or fiancĂ©, because she will try to sleep with them. I talked to her and asked, what am I supposed to tell my daughter’s and she replied, “Tell them I f**ked him.” This is the type of person that works or wants to work with children and helping women, when she couldn’t understand how to identify the characteristics of a woman with depression and what I was going through. I’ve tried to contact her for answers and an apology and she would only say ” Get over it”. The only person that has apologized for her actions was her brother, that compared to her is a saint. || This b*tch will not care about your living situation or how many children will suffer or families she will harm, she’ll get what she wants without remorse or sense of guilt. If you are currently dating her please check her phone and her email, she might be sending nudes to men, because she tends to get bored of her shi**y life. She’s bipolar and will tell you a sob story about it. She has volunteered at Safe families for children in Chicago.