Complaint: Elon Property Management is willfully renting apartments that should be condemned due to toxic black mold. They are aware of the seriousness of the problem in their complexes throughout the east coast yet refuse to fix it. There is standing water under most of the buildings due to poor maintenance of water run off and leaky pipes and this moisture causes the black mold to form. When confronted they act as if it’s your fault, do a quick clean with x-14 or bleach which does not solve the problem. The mold is growing throughout the complex at Merrifield mostly under carpets, under wallpaper and in the heating and air conditioning units. I had the mold tested via ED laboratory and it came back with “significantly above guidelines”” high counts

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Address: testing positive for Aspergillus spores

Website: have had 2 major bouts with lung infections

Phone: Dematiaceous fungal hyphal elements