After some background research, I searched online for N95 face masks and encountered the EM General website. They advertised face masks with changeable N95/N99 filters included replacement filters with each mask. They were initially discounted to $34.99 and I purchased 4 at this price for 4 adults. They advertised multiple colors of this mask and certain colors were shown as "sold out" whereas others were not. After completing the purchase, I received an "order confirmation" with a tracking number; however, no estimated shipping date was provided (which was unsatisfying), only a field which state "your order is being processed". No sooner had I made this purchase, when I was presented with an offer to buy additional masks at a still lower price of $16.25 each if purchased within 5 minutes. (I also immediately received a text from EM General confirming my purchase and that the order was being processed. I initially declined to purchase more masks, but 5 days later, I decided to purchase 3 additional masks anticipating that the U.S. would be grappling with coronavirus for months to come and not knowing how durable these masks were (or if other friends or family might be in need). At this time, we were already in a hotspot area in California so this seemed prudent. I checked back a few times over the past week to see if there was updated information on a shipping date, but never got more information than that "the order was being processed". I also began to notice that they have a banner at the top of (most?) every web page stating "?? Our Inventory is Currently Being Shipped to Our Warehouse & Will Be Processed As Soon As Possible. We Thank You For Your Patience ??". After waiting for 10 days and receiving no further information, I suspected that this may be a scam and have found both several non-credible sites claiming to review whether or not this was in fact legitimate. Then found 2 claims that it was a scam on the site. As I reviewed every page on the site, it became clearer to me that this is almost certainly fraudulent! LET THE BUYER BEWARE!