Scammed out thirty two thousand, five hundred dollars


My Complaint: We were on a trusted site. this ‘bonus’ link at the bottom was there and appeared to be a legitimate JV link on that site. We clicked on it. Said “[email protected]” . We clicked on it to get the 5 websites bonus and then the next day Michael Kennedy/Dupont contacted me back. March 28, 2014. We listened to him say how he was going to do an 80/20 split. He was selling a “hot product” called Garcinia Cambogia. and we could expect an 8% conversion rate or higher. He asked us for $20k for 20k leads to be gotten from Email list direct. Bill Ridgemont got on the phone and his speech was just as convincing as Michael’s about making the money back in 1 launch. We would make a minimum of $25k on one launch, but more than likely it would be about $45k net. Since it was a JV link on a site we trusted, and this sounded good and that they didn’t get paid unless we got paid, it seemed to make sense. So we got a free Zicara account, signed up for max bulk mailer, Aweber and Mandrill. Supposedly heartbleed happened right around Easter last year and they called us and said they we would need a dedicated server/IP or we wouldn’t be able to send out all these leads. So we paid $10,500 for that. Commission consultants team was to do the first couple of launches and have them be successful so that we could get our money back to reinvest with more leads. And we were to have at least one launch per month(providing the money was made each time around). May was a very failed launch for a product called Easy video Suite. (Garcinia we were told had been pulled b/c of declining conversion rates) That launch was stopped after 3000 leads went out. Then we were told it failed b/c the leads were too old and had still been for Garcinia- health product! Then we were told to get into this Black box niche. We didn’t know what it was. We waited for 7 months for that launch to take place and to get information on what it was. When it did launch in Jan 2015 by way of Mark Navi, it had a .01% Open rate!
Then we were told by Michael on the phone, that we were in essence stupid for believing the ‘sales pitch’ that he gave us in the beginning. So, we are out $32,500. We have no ideas if the leads were good or bad. We have no idea if this server was necessary or not. We used it twice if you can call it that. We didn’t make one penny as out of both “launches” we had 30 people open the email out of 20k leads and no one even opened the email for the Easy video suite “launch” in May. No one clicked through. It has been a very puzzling and frustrating experience with this group. This last phone call done 3 days ago, April 24, 2015, we were told they were not “Commission Consultants”. This is after 13 months of emailing them , many times with putting in the company name of Commmission Consultants in the email. If that wasn’t their name, I know they would have corrected us in the first few emails. But C.C.was the name on the link when they first contacted us. So this is the clincher for us plus after reading about the rest of these people getting scammed. We were told you had to have a minimum of 20k leads @ $1.00 lead. Yet others here got in with 3000 or 8000 leads, still others were told they had to shell out $50k! So there is just too much inconsistency for it to all be legitimate. We are very , very sorry we ever clicked on that “JV” link. We hope that somehow these people can be sued and somewhere along the line everyone can get their money back. They certainly are making enough from what i can tell by scamming people.


My Demand: full refund