My husband and I had been together for 15 years, have 4 beautiful children together and a marriage that I thought was pretty near perfect. In November of 2013 he ran into the sister of an ex girlfriend, Emily. They had dated for a year when he was 16 maybe 17 years old and he had been her first time. By his own admission even back then she was obsessed with him. I am not sure why he first contacted her but after running into her sister he contacted Emily through Facebook, he says he was just curious how her life turned out and was not looking at having an affair with her. It was not long before the conversations turned to her asking him if they could meet in person, I am not sure how many times they met before things got out of hand. || Soon the relationship changed from casual conversations to spending more and more time together and sleeping together. She knew about me through all of this but did not care, she wanted him. I do not know for sure how long the relationship was going on but one morning after he came home from”working all night” (he was with her!) he had gone to bed for a while. I noticed his phone was lying on the end table in reach of our one year old daughter and when I picked it up to get it out of her reach I noticed he had a message in his phone. I never dreamed I would find what I did, I was completely blindsided! When I opened the message it was her, he had just left her house and she wanted to tell him she missed him already. That was not the worst part, scrolling through these endless conversations I also discovered she had told him her period was late and she thought she was pregnant. I felt like my whole world was crashing down around me. When I went in to confront him he tried lying and said that it was nothing, she was just an old friend who was in a bad situation and that he was not sleeping with her. I am not stupid and the guilt was written all over his face. Of course he was caught and he knew it and he instantly sent her a message that it was over, he told her he would not risk losing everything for her and their relationship had been a mistake. She did not want it to end, she begged him to keep seeing her even if they could only be friends. || A few weeks passed by and she contacted him again pleading with him that she needed to see him, she said it was very important. Since she had already told him she thought she was pregnant he did agree to see her one last time and met up with he at a local Q-trip. During that meeting she assured him she was not pregnant that she just wanted to see him and give him his Christmas gift. Again he told her it was over and that she needed to leave us alone to try and fix the damage that their affair had caused. Emily was not willing to accept that. Late one night a few days after Christmas she showed up at our house, my husband was not at home. When I walked out to see who it was she got back into her car and left, unfortunately my teenage son was home to witness this and the fight it caused between his father and I. I went to her facebook page with the intention of leaving her a message to please leave us alone only to find postings where she kept tagging herself in the town we lived in. It was like she was taunting me, she lived over thirty minutes away from us and had no friends living in our area. That was just the beginning, this went on for months keeping everything out in the open. She refused to let go of what he considered a huge mistake. Emily continued to drive by our house until June when suddenly the stalking stopped. I was so relieved, I thought that maybe we could finally start putting our family back together after months of feeling like I was living the movie fatal attraction. || I know my husband is not innocent in all if this by no means, I love him and we are trying to work all of this out. In July we found a picture she posted to her facebook account and made public, in the pictures she appears to be very pregnant! Once again I felt like the rugged had been pulled out from under me. I do not want this woman in our lives but I knew if she did have my husbands baby he could not just walk away from that. This also meant him contacting her again. She denied being pregnant, thank God, but there had been a lot of doubt as to what I the truth. Maybe she had just gained a lot of weight but I am telling you that picture made her look pregnant. I decided to reach out to her ex and father of her two children. He was able to confirm for me that there was no baby but that picture still eats at me. When I talked to her ex more of the story came out. She had told my husband that he had left her and the kids and that she had to move back into her parents home. The truth was that she was meeting my husband at her parents home to have sex so that he would not know she was currently still with her children’s father. She knew for my husband that would have been a deal breaker, cheating on me was bad enough but he would not have broken up another family. || I am not sure where things will go from here, out marriage is pretty damaged and it feels like she is still out there. We have discussed moving but I hate that it feels like to get away from her I have to leave my friends and family. How does anyone ever move on after this?