I was with my boyfriend at the time for over eight years, we was currently having issues and trying to fix them when Emily Hinzmann came into our life again. You see she was with my brother for over 10 years had two little boys by him, they were constantly on and off from my brother cheating on her. || When my boyfriend at the time started hanging out with her everyday while I was at work making us money they were “just hanging out” I started feeling that he was cheating on me with her.  What do you know as soon as we broke up they got together, at the time I had money in the bank I had been saving up to get my own place, this home wrecker figured she would write checks out to my ex in my name, ending up getting me for all my money… || You see Emily Hinzmann was on heroin at the time and crack, I didn’t think she would do this to me because of how many times my own brother cheated on her I figured she would know what it felt like and not want to cause me that pain obviously not. Well down the road after she left for rehab Emily Hinzmann started ignoring him after she got what she wanted from him. || He figured he would tell me the truth about it all. She asked him one of those times that they were together if he wanted to get in the back seat while I was at home waiting for him, she knew this. Well we started trying to work it out again and what do you know Emily Hinzmann figures she would come back into the picture and tell him “I’m starting to have feelings for you again”. || She played him and he let her, they ended up screwing again until she went BACK to rehab then figured she would tell him after she got out YET AGAIN that she didn’t want to be with him. So not only did she do it once she did it twice! Emily Hinzmann is nothing but a lying backstabbing user. This woman has no respect for herself so it would mean she has no respect for others nor their man.