Complaint: Emily is a horrible drug addict with no love for her three children, she looks at them as ways to get more heroin. She is a terrible person who deserves to be in jail or rehab. She is the worst example of a mother I have ever heard of. When she was in Niceville, Florida she was so high on four or five medications (heroin, zanex, weed, etc…) and passed out in the car with all three kids trapped in there with no air, throw up and feces all over her infant son… The cops were called they couldn’t wake her up she was so high but blamed it on methadone and benadryl, neither of which was in her system. That was when she came up with her allegation of rape to the DCFS worker who came to their house and they had food caked all over the floor, egg shells from easter it was june, the case worker noted in the file the table was so dirty her notebook stuck to the table and her chair was crusted to the floor. Emily’s third donor father had to pry to chair off the floor for the case worker to sit on. Emily knowing she was busted for being a bad mother, neglecting her children, drug addict, and liar came up with a pity story to try to keep her out of trouble. Two years after the so called abuse when Emily got busted for child neglect and endangering the welfare of a minor is when she came up with her false allegations, which by the way that case…was dismissed with prejudice in case you don’t know what that means here is a direct definition. In the formal legal world a court case that is dismissed with prejudice means that it is dismissed permanently. A case dismissed with prejudice is over and done with, once and for all, and can’t be brought back to court. Emily lied about all three of her childrens fathers, she claimed one father abused her and was talking online to a 15yr old girl, its all documented in her court records, and her first donor father did too, oh and don’t forget Emily is currently with an IV drug user who has HIV. She is a liar and a plague on everyone she comes in contact with. Everyones life is worse off for her having been in it. I believe the people who are talking care of the kids should get child support not a heroin addict who is in an abusive relationship and continues to be a burden on society. Many complaints have been made on behalf of the poor children who are the ones suffering in all of this they know their mommy is a liar and loves drugs more than them. What a very sad life, her oldest daughter had her arm broken by Emily, her second daughter was born in a toilet and she didn’t even pick her up. Her poor son has been used to get her medicine he has been in and out of the hospital so she can get attention. I truly believe Emily has Munchausen by proxy, where she uses her kids being sick to get sympathy for herself. Once the girls got too old she couldn’t use them anymore so she just left them. No christmas presents, all they wanted was mommy and all she wanted was the needle. Those kids deserve much better than her, she is scum and a truly pathetic person who i wouldn’t even piss on if she was on fire. I hope Emily reads this and realizes the truth hurts and her lies are all catching up with her, black eyes aren’t the only thing her current sperm donor is going to give her and if she’s not careful she will be one of many growing statistics of OD’s in metro St Louis. The best thing that can happen for those kids is she disappears, rehab, move, fall off the planet…anything so they can hopefully remember the very very few times she was in their life sober. I wish those three kids the best but Emily, I hope she gets everything thats coming to her! If you feel like doing some reading to verify my facts please go to St Clair county courthouse and pull ALL the files on Emily “Bateman”” Lewis she has 4-5 OP’s

Tags: Dead Beat Moms

Address: one against each father and other boyfriends

Website: she also has not had the kids before august December of 2010…2011…nope she wasn’t there but the girls got gifts from their daddy. Too bad Emily was too high to make it. Two of the fathers want to give up rights all together just to never hear or see Emily ever again. And it’s strange when you look up all three fathers no one is in jail or has been for a while…what about Emily? Oh thats right she was just arrested

Phone: You can also check with the ESTL jail too