The ordeal started on August 31, 2019, when I found an ad on Facebook via Jonesboro, Arkansas (Jonesboro Online Yard Sale), the ad stated that several English Bulldog puppies were available for a small rehoming fee. The person who responded to my message when I showed interest in the pet was Emmerencia Mokeo. The ad gave an email address for contact for futher interest of [email protected], when I stated that I was interested in the english bulldogs, We exchanged correspondence via e-mail and text from her phone number (678) 902-2581. Tammie Jean Williams sent a contract for me to sign to complete our purchase (I did sign the document). She gave a different email address for me to send the contract, [email protected] She also sent a picture of her drivers license and held it below her face to show that the drivers license and picture matched, to ensure that she was a legitimate person. I was then told to send money ($250.00) via Family and Friends PayPal to another address [email protected] and then the puppy would be shipped to our airport in Jonesboro, Arkansas by 8 am on September 02, 2019, because the puppy was located in Millen, GA. I began to suspect that she was being dishonest and checked I entered her information and many fraudulent websites displayed with her name. I completed an image reversal on the pictures of the puppies and one of the pictures was displayed online for pet adoption in Fort Collins, Colorado. The ad on the website in which I found the puppies via Facebook (Jonesboro Online Yard Sales) has since been deleted. I then contacted my credit card company and told them of the scam and fraudulent charge. I contacted PayPal to cancel my transaction. I also reported her profiles to Facebook. Today (Sept. 02, 2019) Tammie Jean Williams contacted me via text this morning and said that she canceled the transaction because I did not pay through Friends and Family PayPal (I did but left a comment regarding the puppy that I purchased). I received a message via text that my transaction was refunded (it is yet to post a credit on my credit card). Im sure that the PayPal e-mail was also fabricated. Please shut down this elaborate pet scam operation. I saved all conversations and pictures that occured during my correspondence with this individual. I have more pictures of profiles, drivers license, etc.