Complaint: Im a student from empire beauty school from 2009-2011 charged 20,000 – more, for this peace of crap learning “school”” The didnt even teach the right cirriculum !!!!!!!!! They teached clinc program

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Address: NOTHING compared to milady program and milady is what state bored is off of!!! I have took the written 2 times and have not passed due to nothing on there i as teached!!!! Im so mad !!!!! I know empire has been sued and im going to . I live in fl now and due to them not teaching the right cirriculum i have to take classes all over!!! Its not right!!! EVEN the irs took my taxes because me owning them!!! I dont think so!!!!! Also being a slave to them! Charging customers for us to do hair for FREE!?!??! Not right!”


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