September 25th, 2015 First off let me just say that beauty is different from one person to the next. Second, I want to say that favoritism is one of the bigger objectives in this school. Now for the topping to the cake, I have to say that I do not have book smarts but when it comes to common sense and street smarts I am on the A game. So I can catch little hints or gestures that tell me I am not liked by people because I am categorized in the “very different” group. I have to say that every staff member at this school are rude and bias. Today topped it all off as a friend of mine and myself had asked to wax my eyebrows, teacher said ok not a problem but first check the towels. We checked the towels and dryers had 30 minutes left and washer had 38 minutes left. Straight to waxing after checking the towels, took maybe 20 minutes, the teacher said ok check them before going to lunch. We checked again before lunch still were not finished so we had went to lunch at 12:16 cloc

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