I have seen the commercials and recently bought a new house in Denver. I wanted to order wood flooring for the one carpeted room in my house. First time they came out, they started to put down a laminate flooring and the installer was wise enough to say, this can’t be what you ordered, he was correct. They scheduled another day for re installing, I had to work- when I got home they installed LAMINATE AGAIN. They had to come back that evening and rip up that flooring to install a wood floor and was at my house until 945pm. When asked for the remaining payment(from the difference of their mistake of installing laminate twice to the wood floor I had agreed to) I stated this is clearly not the wood that I had ordered. My entire house is a light oak wood- this is a red wood(photos 4 &5). I told them again that they put in the wrong flooring and by the morning, the baseboards had started to peel away from the walls, the nails are exposed and I have to purchase new baseboards (photos 1-3) They came out AGAIN to replace it with the wood color I had chosen, when this installer came out he said, this is the wrong size width of wood. I spoke again to Latasha at Empire and she said that they don’t make a smaller size. I said I was done with this company, wanted the wood that I didn’t order out and a full refund. I was willing at the time to eat up the cost for the new baseboards that I have to purchase. I inquired about my refund and they informed me that they were only going to refund me $503.16 of the $1,040. Additionally they were not going to remove the incorrect wood or reimburse me for the baseboards. I had offered to try one more time to have a salesperson come out and look at a sample of yet another wood for them to exchange for me and they refused unless I paid them an additional $536.84. Her exact words were, clearly our wood will not work in your house. Well, if that was the case, why would the sales representative even agree to take this job. I am now having to get a lawyer and ecru even more charges.

denver, Colorado United States



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