In April of 2016, we called for an estimate…the sales person came out and gave us a quote that seemed too high… we passed…but customer service ended up calling back and offering us the deal we wanted $1600 out the door. It turned out the house wasn’t ready – so we had to pass again. It’s now December 2016 and we called again to get the same deal. I told the salesman – that if he couldn’t do the original deal – don’t bother coming. He said the original carpet was ona. National “do not discount”” list and probably won’t be able to. That I should call corporate and explain and call him back. I called Corporate and they said to definitely keep the appointment

that everything is negotiable. So

the salesman showed up…he called his sales manager and he again said that the original deal is off the table

BUT we can go with our second choice (which was originally over $1300 more than the first selection for a total of $1900 – “”it’s definitely a higher end carpet””…so…. we offered to meet in the middle at $1750. He called and texted his sales manager again who told him – if we didn’t take the deal at $1900 that he should just walk. He also called a different number at Corporate that said he COULD do the original deal…using some discount code and honor what the original offer was. But then his “”boss called”” regarding the $1900 deal and our salesman told him what. Corporate said and he said nope – not doable…the guy who offered that orIginal deal hasn’t been with the company since May and I arm not honoring his price.!?!?!? Sooooo…we told him to walk. Why not just sell us the considerably “”lower quality”” carpet for the original deal of $1600…? It’s the same carpet we looked at in April. …although

now I have my heart set on the second choice 🙁 The whole thing doesn’t make sense. Feels like being raked over the coals at a used car dealership. Bummed. I really wanted to check this off the list before Christmas break. Now I have to start from scratch with another in home estimate….”