My husband and I bought laminate flooring from Empire Today 2 years ago. I had made many calls regarding some problems to no avail. Finally 3 weeks ago I spoke to them and they sent a inspector out. nWhat a joke that turned out to be. They never contacted me with the report, I had to call them. Finally I spoke to a gentleman in the Orlando office which informed me that the wear and tear, dullness, spots that look like they are peeling up and the scratches are all due to normal wear and tear. nHe also said that the report stated that we had throw rugs in various places throughout the house but only under one chair. I informed him that the saleman that sold us the flooring never told us that we needed to put rugs under everything (we were getting rid of carpeting, why would I want rugs under everything) and he also told us that the floor was so durable that we could drag furniture across it and it would not scratch, this was a concern to us because we were having it installed in our dining room where we would be moving chairs in and out on a daily basis, living room where the majority of our time is spent, the hall and three bedrooms. nHis reply was that they are not responsible for what the salesman told us and that they would fix the problems at a cost to us. End of conversation was they Empire Today are not liable for nothing. nWe are so disappointed in this company and felt we were lied to and did not receive any satisfaction from the company for the issues with their flooring. We would never recommend hiring Empire Today to anyone! nRhondanOrlando, FloridaU.S.A.

502 Sunport Lane Orlando, Florida U.S.A.


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