Complaint: This company has many sites and alleged address..the address it uses in CA. Is up for sale ..The company its sale is up for sale on Domain Market .com was listed for sale in January 2017 last month..took money out of account their server rejected my emails customer service hung up on me a never have received any thing I ordered after investigating them. Found nothing but fraud reports many address and numbers scam and fraud for sure.. Went to back and payed my bank to block them and as they have your banking info can pose as anybody to draw money out so had to pay to lock my account down from anybody taking yes I’m out even more money now but they can’t withdraw anymore…The company is fake in three days I had them by blocked from my account amazely they are blowing up my phone and email..HaHaHa must be some stupid plp..I email all fraud reports etc I found so they know they them dummies got up for sale on Domain Market .com check it out

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: 10920 Wilshire blvd Los angeles, California USA


Phone: 855-245-3510. 866-283-8