Complaint: I saw a trial offered for an eye cream and anti-aging serum. I think the ad implied that Jennifer Anniston used this product. The trial period included shipping charge of $5.95 and I did not receive any paperwork with the product-no invoice or receipt. My period started on the 8th of Dec. On Dec 22 I got a fraud alert email from my credit card, and then a phone call from them. It alluded to the charge being a “subscription””. I did not recall any subscription I had gotten for $98

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Address: so I called in to the credit card company. I had no idea what the charge was for and requested the name of the product and a phone # for the company

Website: your return period starts when you receive the item

Phone: which they gave me. The product names were Pie’ ApinEye Cream and VLM* Sunay Face Serum on the credit card. I was sitting at my makeup table and the product name on both items was Encante-there was no mention of the 2 names on the credit card. The 2 products had 2 different phone #s. I called the respective numbers and got an argument from the agent who answered the phone. They said I had agreed to the 14 day trial and it began on the day I signed on (not when I received it). That seems ludicrous to me-I do business with a lot of online companies and most of them have ethical marketing practice