Complaint: I had the same problem as everyone else who complained. They charged me full amount, $98.71 & $99.01 for what was allegedly 2 @ $5.95 products, claimingI had agreed to a monthly plan. Not so. I am a senior with limited income and would never spend that amount. With my credit card agent listening in, who found their unlisted phone number, I spoke to two of the rudest reps ever, –Chris who told me me to “take it or leave it”” when I protested 34.65 +$34.54 credits and hung up on us. Then we called back and spoke to a manager

Tags: Sales People

Address: Liz

Website: Bintieyecream “”our call was important to them”” but they never returned calls. Here is their number 855-308-0261.”

Phone: who swore at my credit card agent. We again called and recieved an additional $14.81 and $14.85 credits